You Must Avoid These 5 Mistakes To Maintain Your iPhone

You Must Avoid These 5 Mistakes To Maintain Your iPhone
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It’s no secret that the ability of the gadget will go down over time. All gadgets will experience it, including high-end gadgets such as Apple’s iPhone. The part that gets weakened often is the battery. The battery is an important part of a device because it supplies electricity to all parts of your gadget. If the battery is worn out, damage can spread to other parts of the gadget. When it happens, you might think of calling the best iphone repair near me.

Well, so that your iPhone battery lasts, practice the following five tips:

1. Leaving the iPhone plugged into electricity even though the battery indicator has touched the number 100%

The battery indicator is not 100 percent yet. It’s better to unplug the battery when it hasn’t touched 100 percent. Batteries that are charged up to 100 percent tend to be more easily damaged in the long run.

2. Use the iPhone until the battery is drained

The iPhone battery uses a type of lithium-ion. This type of battery will be damaged if it does not contain electricity at all. When the battery indicator is below 10 percent, you better immediately look for a power outlet.

3. Leaving your gadget exposed to hot or cold temperatures

Your gadget will feel a little different when you are in a place with hot or cold temperatures. Just so you know, temperatures that are too hot or cold are enemies of all electronics. Normal temperature so that your gadget can work smoothly in the range of 32-80 degrees Celsius.

4. Using the iPhone while being charged

The heat from the body can flow to the iPhone when your hand is holding it. The reason is the iPhone casing that uses aluminum instead of plastic like ordinary gadgets. This flow of body heat can inhibit the charging process. It is better not to use the iPhone when the charging process has not been completed.

5. Letting your iPhone enter a “deep discharge” state

An iPhone left to die for too long will enter a “deep discharge” state. A “deep discharge” condition is a condition where the battery cannot store electricity according to its initial capacity. You will feel lost because the lifetime of the iPhone when the battery is full will be shorter than the original condition.