You May Try These Home Ingredients To Kill Cockroaches

You May Try These Home Ingredients To Kill Cockroaches
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Cockroaches don’t just dislike the scent of bay leaves, it turns out that they also don’t like smells like lavender, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil, as well as peppermint. Well, that is because the scent covers the smell of food which is the target of the cockroach. Not only that, if cockroaches are exposed to essential oils with high concentrations, they will also die from it. If you want to use essential oils to eradicate cockroaches, it’s easy now. However, you can hire pest control Surrey if you want an even easier way to exterminate cockroaches at home.

You can use a few drops of essential oil on cotton, and apply it to places that are often passed by cockroaches.

You can also make it another way, by making a spray with a few drops of essential oil mixed with water, and using it to spray a favorite place for cockroaches.

Guaranteed, if exposed to essential oil they will soon die!

In addition, not only the soothing scents that are not liked by cockroaches, it turns out that the aroma of very strong coffee is also not liked by cockroaches.

If you want to eradicate cockroaches in an easy way with the ingredients found, coffee powder is very effective in driving cockroaches in the kitchen area.

You only need to sprinkle black coffee powder in several kitchen corners that are often the place for cockroaches to hide. That way, your kitchen will be free of cockroaches.

Finally, you certainly already know the function of silica gel which is usually used to absorb moisture in dry food products, shoes, bags, and clothing so that the product is not easily damaged.

Well, not only does the function absorb moisture, it turns out that this one thing is also effective in eradicating cockroaches.

In order to make silica gel more effective in eradicating cockroaches, you can mix granules of silica gel with sugar and spread it in a corner of the house that is often visited by cockroaches.

If there is a cockroach that passes through this mixture, surely the cockroach body will immediately dry out and die.

However, make sure the mixture is placed far from your child’s reach.