Why Your AC Can’t Provide the Coolness

Why Your AC Can’t Provide the Coolness
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Hot weather coupled with hot sunshine makes anyone want to rest in a cold room. What if your room’s air conditioner isn’t cold even though it’s been treated often? To determine the best Auburn CA HVAC service, make sure you know the causes of AC doesn’t properly operate.

AC cooling capacity that does not fit the room area

It turned out that the AC cooling capacity was different. If you do not adjust the cooling capacity with the area of ??your room or room, it could be that the air conditioner does not cool down even though it has been washed or cared for often.

Electric voltage is not stable

The third reason why AC is not cold even though it is often washed is an unstable power voltage. The air conditioner itself has a greater voltage than other electronic equipment. So that unstable electrical voltage can affect AC performance. You don’t need to worry, just wait for the normal voltage again, then the AC will automatically cool down again.

Room condition

The condition of the room can also be one of the causes of AC not being cold. If the room where the air conditioner is installed is often exposed to direct sunlight or made from a mixture of cement and sand walls, the room will become hotter so that it affects the AC performance. If you find that your room does not support air conditioning to get optimal results, then try to lower the air conditioner temperature or replace your air conditioner with a larger cooling capacity.

Damaged compressor

A damaged compressor can cause the air conditioner to not cool. As the main component, the compressor functions to regulate the circulation of freon from the outdoor AC unit to the indoor and back to the outdoors. Old compressors can experience rust or wear which causes leakage on the compressor itself. In addition, the compressor ampere that is too high can also cause damage to the compressor. If the ampere is too high, the compressor will become hot easily. This results in the compressor stopping more frequently to cool the temperature. The solution to overcoming a damaged compressor is to replace the compressor with a new one and according to its capacity.