Use Wireframe To Design Your Website

Use Wireframe To Design Your Website
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Web design is the most crucial point of your website. Your website design has to capture the attention of the visitors. Designing a website is a problem-solving task and requires a professional web design company such as Web Designing Company in Mumbai.

A wireframe is your website’s blueprint. This is the thing that helps give your website a visual structure. Some designers have a tendency to incorporate design elements into a wireframe. This should not be done because wireframe is actually meant to tell you where the element is placed, not how this website design will look later. The wireframe should also be in the grayscale mode so you focus 100 percent on the web design layout.

To get started, you really need a pen and paper. First, write down all the elements that you will enter into the webpage. After that arrange them on the web page. You can do this arrangement by drawing on paper or using wireframe tools like,, and even Photoshop.

Wireframe must have the following things:

  • Layout of Elements

You certainly can’t start your website without knowing where you want to put the elements you have planned. Therefore, you must know where you want to put various elements.

  • Information hierarchy

Sitemaps that have many links can be confusing for a client and even for a designer. By placing a sitemap, you will be able to see how the pages appear on your website. This way, you can make adjustments before you have moved too far ahead.

  • Interactive

When you create a wireframe, you also have to ask: how will these elements interact with each other? Will website visitors want to spend more time on your website? Can website visitors easily navigate the website? This is where the user experience will play a big role.