Tips to Save Air Conditioner Energy

Tips to Save Air Conditioner Energy
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Each of electronic appliances or devices plays their own roles in saving energy, so does the air conditioner. Thus, if you want to try to save more energy, you can take advantage of your air conditioner to be the first device on which you are going to try to save energy. So, in the following, there will be some of the tips for saving energy on the air conditioner. Further Information will be available on Aire Acondicionado cerca de Tijuana, B.C. website.

– Clean the dust above cabinets & wall routinely

Every air conditioner is the main enemy for dust. The dust that accumulates on top of cabinets or wall will be filtered out by the air conditioner and complicate working air conditioning. The more dust on the air conditioner will result in the air conditioner working increasingly in difficulty and you have to do the washing of the aircon more often. Therefore we advise you to clean the dust from the cabinets and walls regularly as this will help the performance of the air conditioner indirectly.

– Avoid opening and closing the door too much and, if possible, put the air conditioner in a closed room
By the time the door of the room is opened and closed constantly, then, the indoor temperature will not be stable due to the heat from the outside that is going into the room. If your air conditioner is installed automatically space the room is open then you will be very difficult to reach the desired temperature so that the AC will continue to work optimally. In the open room which is also a spacious room, the air conditioner must be set to the very high temperature.

– Do not turn on the air conditioner immediately when it is just turned off

The last is that you also have to avoid turning on your air conditioner immediately if the air conditioner is just turned off. Frequently, most of the users of air conditioners press the on the button directly after pressing the off button. This is, indeed, a bad habit. It is suggested to allow a few minutes in oil compressor and Freon to return to the compressor. By doing this, the compressor of your air conditioner will be more durable.