This Is The Meaning Of Motion Graphic

This Is The Meaning Of Motion Graphic

When the Internet did not dominate as it is today, we get information from television and newspapers. In the 190s we only got to know the Internet and in its development, we got a variety of information from it. Through the Google search engine, we get a variety of information such as weather forecasts, currency exchange lists, to the latest domestic information. In the development of information dissemination not only in the form of the real video but also in the form of animated video. Do you often see videos with animated models? It’s because many of you think that the video is called a cartoon huh? Wait a minute. Not all animation videos are cartoons, you know. There is also what is called Motion Graphic. This type of animation has several stages of production. Before discussing the manufacturing stages, let’s find out first about the motion graphics itself. In the meantime, if you require a large-scale motion graphic to promote your company, we recommend you to use the 3D Projection mapping in saudi arabias.

What is a Motion Graphic?

Motion Graphic consists of 2 words, Motion which means Motion and Graphic is often known as Graphic. In short, Motion graphics can be called moving graphics. In detail, Motion Graphic is a combination of designs based on visual media by incorporating various elements in them, such as Illustration, Typography, to Photography.

The name Motion Graphic was introduced by Trish in Chris Meyer’s book. He discusses the use of Adobe After Effects with the title “Creating Motion Graphics”. This is the beginning where the software specializes in the process of making videos but does not edit or do 3D programs. With the Motion Graphic, the object is not boring but looks dynamic and attractive.

The Application Of Motion Graphic Today

Nowadays we can see a lot of motion graphics in various fields, such as advertising, entertainment, and even for government affairs. For small scale businesses, motion graphics can be used to make company profile videos or public service adverts. As for the large-scale businesses, we can check out the amazing and colorful 3D projection mapping arts on a large building in developed countries.