This Is How To Overcome A Slow Laptop

This Is How To Overcome A Slow Laptop
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Nowadays, laptops are things that are always used by many people. In fact, not infrequently there are many people who always carry it wherever they go. For this reason, laptops that are slow will greatly affect the lives of many people. So, services from Laptop Repair in Singapore will be needed by many people who feel that their laptops are slowing down and their performance is not what they expected.

Many reasons why the laptop is slowing down. However, below, there are also some tips for dealing with the problem of a slow laptop. Some of the tips in question are

  1. Replace the hard drive with SSD
    One of the things that makes a laptop slow is because the data speed from hard drive to processor is very slow. To overcome this, you should replace the hard disk with SSD. Many have proven and the result is that the boot process is much faster and laptops are more responsive.
  2. Upgrade the RAM
    Generally, when buying a laptop, there are still many that are equipped with 4GB RAM or even only 2 GB. Meanwhile, if you look at the software requirements on your laptop at this time, you will need 8GB of RAM. To deal with laptops that are slow because of this, you must upgrade the minimum RAM to 8 GB size.
  3. Reinstall Windows if it’s too outdated
    One of the causes of a laptop being slow is because the Windows system has been error and too long. This is because software usage is not optimal and not as it should be. If it is too severe and outdated, then resetting or reinstalling Windows is the most appropriate way you can do it.
  4. Use a lightweight operating system
    One of the factors that really determines the performance of a laptop is the operating system used. Windows is very productive, but it is quite heavy for a laptop operating system. So, it doesn’t hurt you to use Linux like Endless OS.