These are the three types of plastic surgery that men often do

These are the three types of plastic surgery that men often do
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Currently, there are many people who decide to do plastic surgery. Some of these people clearly want to get an attractive appearance in order to get something valuable in their lives. Career is one of the reasons why many people do plastic surgery. However, make sure you do the process in place and with the right experts. One of them is plastic surgeon santa monica.

Not only the women who decided to do plastic surgery but many men also decided to do the process. The following are some types of plastic surgery that is often done by men.

1. Liposuction or Liposuction
Body fat reduction is the most popular procedure and has been going on for years. Ishii told Fox News that this procedure had been carried out as many as 45,000 men in 2016. As is known that the ideal body is not only desired by women but also men. They also want to get a body full of muscles and not have excessive fat. So, many men decide to perform this surgical procedure.

2. Chest tightening
One of the most popular procedures is Gynecomastia or chest tightening. According to Ishii, as many as one in four men do it to look more masculine. He said that more and more men feel comfortable doing aesthetic procedures. Approximately 31,000 men have carried out Gynecomastia during 2016. Men have to look field and tight. this is what makes many men do plastic surgery on their chest.

3. Eyelid surgery
Actually, this type of plastic surgery was first popular among women. However, in 2016 approximately 28,000 men chose this operation to beautify their eyes. Usually, those who have small eyelids prefer to make their eyelids bigger and wider than before.