These Are Some Reasons Why Air Conditioning Is Often Suddenly Off

These Are Some Reasons Why Air Conditioning Is Often Suddenly Off
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Today, many people have air conditioning in their homes. In fact, in one house, usually, there are some air conditioning used. This is indeed related to the comfort of someone in the house. With the air conditioning, you can feel the cool air because of the hot weather. Unfortunately, many people do not use air conditioning properly and cause the air conditioning to become damaged. If this happens, the services of Aircon servicing singapore will be very much needed by you to handle the problem.

One problem with air conditioning that often occurs is that the air conditioning often dies suddenly when it is being used. There are several reasons why this can happen. Some of the causes referred to here are

– Electronic module
Voltage or voltage that is not in accordance with the voltage requested by the air conditioning unit to work can cause the electronic module to error. If there is damage to the electronic module, you should replace the module according to the specifications of the air conditioning or other options can use the “universal module” plus the remote. Module damage can also occur because there is a short circuit. This can be corrected by fixing the path on the damaged PCB.

– Switch
The switch or on-off button functions as a switch to turn on and turn off the air conditioning unit. If damage occurs to the switch then soldered. But if it still can’t turn on then replace the switch with the new one.

– timer
The timer functions to regulate when air conditioning must turn on and when it will die. Damage that occurs in general because the timer setting is still active. Reset through the remote control so that the timer is turned off.

– The thermistor is a sensor that regulates the temperature of the room. If the temperature in the room has been reached to its maximum, the thermistor will set the compressor to stop working. So that the outdoor unit will automatically be ordered off by the system.