The Right Smartphone For Gaming Hobby

The Right Smartphone For Gaming Hobby
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Today a person’s main goal when buying a smartphone is not only about communication needs or just to support work, but also to fulfill multimedia desires such as listening to music, watching video streaming services, and of course playing video games. So, do you make the decision to visit because you are seeking the right smartphone for your gaming hobby?

This hobby evolved as the evolution of mobile phones become increasingly smart and sophisticated. The removal of physical buttons to accommodate a more spacious screen and a significant increase in the chipset sector and graphics were factors that helped determine the direction of the development of this hobby.

The development of increasingly sophisticated mobile games inevitably forces you to come to think about the screen size and the amount of resolution available on smartphones. Because the two aspects now influence your level of comfort in playing games.

The extensive mobile screen allows you to access virtual buttons more freely, especially with the popularity of MOBA and Battle Royale genre games that have a row of important buttons such as to launch moves or use an item. The full-screen trend that is widely adopted today is a blessing in itself. In our opinion, you should choose a smartphone with a minimum screen area of ​​5.5 inches.

Switch to the matter of resolution. The screen area is important, but it will be in vain if the resolution carried is still HD. Not that the HD resolution screen is not capable enough, but it would be nice if your choice of a smartphone has at least full HD resolution or better QHD. So that the details and visuals of the games you play can be presented more optimally. You are not willing, not if you have to lose a game due to trivial errors such as missed observing an object that looks less clear because of the tightly lined pixel?