Swimming Pool Maintenance Without Chemical

Swimming Pool Maintenance Without Chemical
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There are two basic principles of swimming pool care that you should know, namely treatment without chemicals and chemical treatment. You must routinely take care so that the condition of your swimming pool is always in optimal performance. This means that it is always in a clean, healthy and safe condition for swimming.

We know that swimming pools need regular maintenance. Swimming pools will require a special budget for maintenance costs and repair costs, along with the age of use of the swimming pool. Knowing the basic principles of care saves you the time and cost of treatment. Therefore there is no harm if you as a pool owner understand these basic principles.

To save energy and maintenance costs, we can take care of our own pool (private swimming pool or public swimming pool) by carrying out routine cleaning activities in our pool area. Everyone can do activities to clean the pool environment including us.

At this time we will discuss treatments that do not require the use of chemicals, such as:

Cleaning the dirt that enters the pool water using routine drainage
Cleanse the lip of the pool so that it is not easily mossy
Cleaning pool gutter (without chemistry)
Clean the engine room and engine room environment
Cleaning and ensuring air circulation in the engine room work well so that the engine’s condition lasts longer
Clean room balancing tanks
Cleaning pool equipment (pool brush, vacuum equipment, drafts, etc.) so that the equipment lasts

The items above are pool maintenance activities that you can do yourself without using chemicals. However, you don’t need to do this, if you use professional swimming pool maintenance services. You just need to make sure that the pool attendant performs routine and correct swimming pool area activities. You also need to make sure that you have allocated a special budget for the cost of swimming pool maintenance services. In general, professional swimming pool cleaning workers already have clear standard operating procedures.