Restaurant Review: Saison, San Fransisco

Restaurant Review: Saison, San Fransisco
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Visiting the various restaurants in your country or even abroad would be a very nice thing. Whatever price you have to pay, you will certainly do so as long as you get the taste you really want. If you want a menu and a fancy atmosphere of the restaurant. So, you can try Saison’s restaurant in San Francisco.

Located at 178 Townsend Street, San Francisco, you can try different menus with a sumptuous restaurant atmosphere. You may spend a lot of money to eat there, but the taste you will get will also be worth the price you paid. Saison’s restaurant schedule is every Tuesday till Saturday from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

The surprise of this restaurant is that Saison occupies the second most expensive restaurant in America. You are advised to prepare a fee of $ 626 per person. With that price to be paid, customers will be given the taste they really want and comparable with the price they pay. Saison will greatly satisfy their customers. Being on the list of the two most expensive restaurants in America, then you will not be upset by the flavors they bring.

There are some menus that are favored and considered as the mainstay menu of customers in Saison. Some of the menu in question is

1. Pine Tea and Chamomile
This does look simple, just like a cup with mineral water and a little leaf on it. However, this is a very delicious tea and certainly can satisfy the taste of its customers. One cup of tea contains lemon juice Meyer, as well as a bunch of douglas fir, yarrow, chamomile, lemon balm, anise, and fresh hyssop picked directly from the garden of the restaurant. Looks fresh, right?

2. Geoduck shells
Geoduck is a large-sized shell that usually resides on the western side of the United States. Although it looks very strange when it was alive, these shells were quite popular with many circles there. However, according to some customers, the taste of these shellfish does not satisfy their curiosity. Many say that the texture is too chewy and spices that are too strong make it cannot be enjoyed by some people.

3. Pig Feather And Baked Bread
Never imagine that this food is made of real pork hair. What is meant by the sea urchin here is a spiny sea creature that is often also called as sea urchin. In Saison, fresh sea urchin meat is served on toast and given a creamy sauce. This menu has a soft and fresh taste that you will surely love.

4. Steak Antelope
A small slice of antelope steak served with chicory, salad, herbs, and honey-colored buttered biscuits that tasted like pancakes. This antelope meat is not the result of hunting, but it comes from a farm in Texas. This medium-rate cooked meat tastes melted in the mouth and has a mixed texture of venison and beef.

Of the five stars that can be given to this restaurant, then I will give stars as many as four stars. Judging from the menu and the atmosphere of the restaurant, then this property should be given that value.