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Best Houston Chiropractor located in 77077 off of South Dair Ashford Rd. Chiropractic care can offer holistic pain relief as it relates to Chronic Pain, Neck Pain, Herniated Discs, Back Pain, Subluxation and Sciatica.
Dr. Franson has a unique practice history. Whereas most doctors graduate and open up a practice and start seeing patients, Dr. Franson chose a different path. He worked with dozens of different health care practitioners across many fields in various Texas clinics. As a result, it exposed him to numerous approaches and allowed him to glean the best from everyone he has encountered over nearly 30 years.

What makes one doctor stand out from the rest? Having clinical practice experience in seeing patients and working with them to see what works best and reading the latest research and applying what they learn are great strategies. One advantage Dr. Franson has is that he has, unfortunately (or fortunately?) personally experienced numerous injuries and health challenges. Thus, he can truly relate to you and has a deeper understanding of what you are going through. The doctor knows what to do to help you get through this challenging experience. He’s not just the doctor; he’s also a patient!

Imagine having a doctor who has been through what you are going through. Although he hasn’t experienced all of it (who could?), he has experienced enough to be an excellent guide for you through your healing process. He has done so almost entirely through chiropractic care and implementing a philosophy and approach for unparalleled healing, yet extremely simple, based on fundamental physiology. Who better to help you than someone who has been through it as well?

Some of his experiences include plantar fasciitis, knee issues, hip problems, back and neck pain, blown/slipped discs, bowel and bladder dysfunction, radiating pain into arms or legs, multiple broken bones, damaged shoulders, whiplash (numerous times), headaches, immune system challenges, chronic cough, allergic reactions, facial reconstructive surgery, and the list goes on.

Choose a doctor who not only has the clinical experience but the personal experience as well. You deserve the best guide for your recovery.

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