Need to Use Braces?

Need to Use Braces?
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If you feel insecure because you are worried that your teeth will look bad when laughing, you might consider using braces. In addition to improving appearance, braces are beneficial for health. Braces are a commonly used means for correcting a row of uneven teeth or overcrowded jaws. Even though braces are more commonly known as a business for aesthetic purposes or improving appearance, braces are also intended to improve oral function. You can visit dentist columbia sc to do this procedure.

In general, from a medical point of view, braces work to improve: the distance between teeth that are too tenuous, other jaw problems that cause bites to be uneven, teeth that are cramped or grow crooked, and front teeth of the upper jaw that grow out of line (more forward or backward) compared to the mandibular front teeth. Apart from improving appearance, flat teeth can make you speak more clearly and can chew or bite food better. To achieve maximum results, everyone needs different types of braces according to their needs.

Braces are generally carried out by orthodontists, namely dentists who have undergone special training in carrying out tightening and leveling of teeth. The doctor will determine the right type of braces according to the conditions of each patient. The following are the most common types of braces:

– Permanent braces consist of boxes attached to each tooth and connected to each other by a wire. This type is the most commonly used orthodontic device. This wire is used to correct the location of several teeth at once or to prevent future problems. Permanent braces are generally easy to see because they are made of metal.

– Functional braces. This type is a pair of loose-fitting plastic wires which are combined and placed in the upper and lower teeth. This type can be used to deal with the problem of the position of the upper jaw or lower jaw that is not parallel to the upper or lower teeth. This tool must be used at all times to bring maximum benefits and only be released during meals and when cleaned.