First Aid When Children Have a Toothache

First Aid When Children Have a Toothache
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In children, toothache can arise as a result of frequent consumption of foods containing sweeteners and sugar that are so high. Piles of leftover food left over on the teeth and the sidelines will accumulate and make bacteria from the remnants to multiply on the teeth. This is because the bacteria in the teeth will make the sugar release acidic substances that can damage the enamel layer as a protective tooth. If this happens, the destroyer bacteria will spread through the channel to the nerve which then causes inflammation and triggers the onset of stabbing and throbbing pain in the teeth. Visit dentist fort worth to get the best dental treatment.

In addition to food, other triggers that parents must watch out for that can trigger a toothache are the cause of other diseases. Toothache triggers caused by diseases are generally not widely known by parents. Examples of diseases that can trigger a toothache include sinusitis, angina, polyps, and gum inflammation.

Meanwhile, attacks of a toothache due to this disease are generally relative. Because there are some children who only feel pain in their teeth and others feel a toothache that is so torturous and accompanied by headaches. When this condition occurs, parents are advised to immediately take their child to the doctor to get immediate treatment. Occasionally, toothache attacks a child in unexpected conditions such as at night. For parents to be wise in responding to it.

The following are natural ways to overcome a toothache in children:

1. Give Ice Cube Massage

First aid to reduce the pain suffered by a child due to a toothache, you can do it by giving ice cubes. Giving ice cubes will help relieve the pain suffered by the child because the body parts that are placed ice cubes will cause numbness so that the pain can be suppressed.

2. Salt

Giving salt turned out to be effective in treating toothache. Not the saltiness that can relieve a toothache, but the content of iodine in salt that is so high can relieve pain in the teeth.