Diseases that start with a toothache

Diseases that start with a toothache
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Not a few people who underestimate a toothache. In fact, the health of your teeth and mouth is closely related to the onset of various diseases in other parts of the body. Human mouth contains hundreds of types of bacteria which are normal microflora. People who maintain the cleanliness of their teeth and mouth can have a thousand to one hundred thousand bacteria on the surface of each tooth. To solve some tooth problem, you can visit Dentist Oklahoma City.

In people with poor oral hygiene, this number can increase to billions. Imagine, what happens if these bacteria colonize? You can experience a toothache, which can then spread to other parts of the body. So, what can happen because of this? Here are some of them:

– Cavity

Bacteria that colonize the surface of dirty teeth can cause cavities. If the infection is left unchecked, it can cause abscesses or ulcers containing pus that appear as swollen gums. In advanced cases, a dental abscess can extend to other anatomic spaces on the face and block the airway.

– Gingivitis & Periodontal

In addition to cavities, bacterial colonies can also cause gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. If left unchecked, it can cause periodontal or disease that attacks the supporting tissues of the teeth. Periodontal can occur at any age, from children to the elderly. Usually starting from the number of tartar, then it can lead to tooth mobility as a whole.

– Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular & stroke disease

Periodontal sufferers have a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease (heart and blood vessels), cerebrovascular disease, and stroke.

– Low Birth Weight Babies & Premature Birth

Research states that poor oral and dental health in pregnant women is closely related to low birth weight babies. In addition, they are also at risk for premature birth. This is because bacteria in the mouth can penetrate the placental membrane.

– Diabetes

There is a reciprocal relationship between periodontal and diabetes. Diabetics have a greater risk of experiencing periodontal. On the other hand, the periodontal infection can increase insulin resistance which will worsen the condition of diabetes and increase the risk of diabetes complications.