Boutique Reviews: Bijan, Beverly Hills

Boutique Reviews: Bijan, Beverly Hills
Apparel & Accessories

Shopping is certainly a very nice thing and can make people forget about their problems. One of the countries with the best shopping destination in America. There, there are even a variety of boutiques that provide various designs of clothes with a fairly affordable price at a very expensive price you can meet there. One of the boutiques with unimaginable prices and a shopping center for the billionaire is Bijan. This luxury boutique is in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of America.

 There sell a variety of goods at a super expensive price. Even the boutique has been designing the clothes of the president of the United States since the era of Ronald Reagan. Even outside the boutique, there is a luxury car Bugatti Veyron for the US $ 2 million which became part of their promotion. You also can not enter this store if you do not make a prior agreement. Some of their collections that you can get are.

– Jewelry and accessories
– Drivable art
– Fragrances
– Wearable art
This boutique certainly has a decor and a comfortable atmosphere in order to make their visitors satisfied with their goods and the atmosphere they provide. That way, then the price on each item can clearly reach millions of dollars the United States. The history of these two stores is formed.

– October 27, 1976
Bijan opened their booth at Rodeo Drive
– 1979
Bijan issued the first exclusive series for men’s perfume with a bottle made of Crystal and designed directly by Bujan and various people who contributed in Baccarat of Paris, France
– 1982
Bijan was awarded the Awarded Honorary Citizens Award, Citi of Dallas, Texas
– 1987
Bijan removes classic perfumes for women and men
– 1988
Bijan managed to get the Clio Award for Best Advertising Campaign

All the awards and histories written above are not all they’ve got. Because this boutique is known to often get prestigious awards and certainly can make the visitors fascinated by all the luxuries given there. From all the history and appreciation that has been given to Bijan, then this boutique is entitled to get a value of 5 of 5 stars that can be given. If you really like luxury, then you can visit this place and shop there.

Since opened to the public, Bijan is known to produce various clothing, shoes to accessories with the best quality in the world. Inside the store, there is a dressing room that is designed like a medieval closet. The interior of this boutique is also very elegant complete with chandeliers and a mini banyan tree to beautify the room.

Not only that, this boutique has the feel of yellow and wears carpets from Persia for the US $ 500 thousand, the ladder with the price of US $ 400 thousand and a luxury chandelier with a price of US $ 75 thousand.
Meanwhile, the price of the clothing sold in this boutique is very expensive. Bijan once sold a coat worth the US $ 15 thousand to a set of leather suitcases costing the US $ 65 thousand.

In addition, this boutique also displays a variety of clothes, and accessories that have been ordered by their customers. Yes, you can order first the design and goods you want there. Very luxurious, is not it?