There Are 4 Steps To Make An Interesting Motion Graphic

There Are 4 Steps To Make An Interesting Motion Graphic
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Motion graphic is the art of graphic design that combines illustration, typography, photography, and videography using animation techniques that aim to tell a story. Conveying stories with motion graphics can be done through kinetic text, through animated images, or with a combination of both. In the meantime, if you need a luxurious way to promote your business with motion graphics, we recommend you to try 3D Projection Mapping.

Here are 4 steps you can do to make an interesting motion graphic:

1. Script

Motion graphics have a short amount of time, around 30 seconds to 90 seconds. This means that the manuscript created must be able to contain the message in such a short time. The key to making a script that can load a message in a short time is simplicity and clarity. Answer the following 3 questions to help and make it easier to create a script that will be used in motion graphics:

Who is the target of the motion graphic created?
What can the target of the motion graphic it sees learn, remember and do?
How to capture their feelings?

Unlike infographics displayed with images, motion graphics can be displayed through visuals that have movement and sound. Therefore, when making a script, consider the parts that will be displayed with moving text, or be voted on, or use both, or both.

2. Make a Storyboard

Storyboards will unite the script and visuals, and help to see an overview of the final product. At this stage, draw a framework on manual writing media, then check the final manuscript before starting. Also, sketch ideas to make the script come alive.

3. Change the Storyboard into Design

When a storyboard sketch idea comes up, translate the sketch into an actual design. Everything in this stage will be used in the final animation stage, so it takes time to make it right.

4. Animate the Final Design

The animation stage is the stage where all the elements are put together. Animation and other elements present at this stage are as important as the script. Some parts at this stage include the style of animation, timings, music, and sound effects.