How to Get Rid of Weeds in the Garden

How to Get Rid of Weeds in the Garden
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Isn’t that annoying? If our home garden is overgrown with weeds. Because in addition to disturbing ornamental plants, weeds will also spoil the view in your home. They often grow in gardens, walls, fences, and in various other places around the house. In addition, weeds or wild plants will also be parasites for your ornamental plants. These weeds will absorb the nutrients of your plants which will then make them die. Not only that, but this plant is also very difficult to kill. Because every garden has been cleaned, a few days later these plants will appear again. This happens because cleaning is done only by pulling out visible weed and many roots are still left in the soil.

For that, if you are still confused about how to customize it. You need to use Grass Killer. Because we provide a solution, or rather how to remove weeds in your garden, down to the roots.

Hot water
The first way you can try to get rid of weeds is to use boiling water because this method is claimed to kill weeds. When you are boiling vegetables or instant noodles, do not throw the remaining water out of the stew first, but water it to a place where weeds usually grow. Usually, weeds wither and die when exposed to hot water, because boiling water will melt the surface of the weeds and damage them. Of course, this is not a difficult thing for you to do and there is nothing wrong if you try this method.

Do weeds flourish around your house, in the gaps in the paths, and in your walls? So try pouring a little pure bleach on top. After a day or two, you can pull it off easily and of course, the bleach will keep the weeds from coming back. Be careful not to use bleach carelessly.