Get These if You Play Video Games

Get These if You Play Video Games
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The game industry has now grown and become big year after year, not only playing games via consoles, now it is modern times now anyone can play them in various media such as tablets, smartphones, and PCs. Games today are also more interactive with players than games in the past in the ’90s. Apart from the negative things, there are also positive benefits that we can get from playing the game on video gaming elmwood park Ashley’s Cafe and Tap:

According to research from the University of California for people who play the game, the Hippocampus or part of the limbic system, which is responsible for emotions, behavior, memory, and smell can be improved by playing 3D games. From his research, it was found that people who play 3D games will increase memory performance by up to 12 percent.

In games that require speed and accuracy such as FPS, MOBA, Music Video Games, etc., we can improve the coordination of our organs. In fact, playing games is considered to have helped doctors on the operating table, as it is recognized that those who play games have better skills and good hand and eye coordination, especially for robotic and minimally invasive surgery. According to Dr. Rosser, the doctor who played the game over 3 hours a week, had 37 percent fewer errors, 27 percent faster treatment, and 42 percent better laparoscopy surgery than a doctor who never played the game. According to research that playing games can provide fundamental mentalities such as perception, attention, memory, and decision making that can provide good benefits for performance. our brain system.

It is commonplace that playing games can reduce stress and depression and even eliminate it because basically, humans play games just for fun. When humans play games, their brains will focus on the game and can reduce the stresses that exist in the human mind.